Recent Why SERVPRO Before & After Photos

Residential Rebuild of Fire Damaged Home in Everett, WA

This Everett home suffered from a fire that affected the entire home. It’s devastating when a family experiences a house fire, so SERVPRO of South Everett... READ MORE

Everett School Impacted by Flooding and Water Damage

During a heavy rain storm this Everett school experienced extensive flooding due to a faulty check valve. The lower levels of the school were impacted, includin... READ MORE

Water Restoration Job in Everett

Extensive flooding affected the lower levels of this Everett school because a check valve failed during heavy rains. The gymnasium, bathrooms, shower rooms, sto... READ MORE

Restoration of Water Damaged School in Everett

Due to heavy rains and a faulty check valve, flooding affected the lower levels of this Everett school. The gymnasium, bathrooms (such as the one in these photo... READ MORE

Water Damage in Retirement Home in Everett, WA

A burning candle set off the sprinklers on the ninth floor of this Everett Retirement Home. The water reached rooms on all nine floors and damaged a lot of dryw... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Monroe, WA

A fire in this 1920s home in Monroe started when the thermostat shorted. Most of the home's contents were destroyed, but a couple items were salvageable, such a... READ MORE