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Can Professional Restorers Help with Everett Water Damage in a Multiple Business Commercial Building?

5/15/2020 (Permalink)

A man in a suit and tie floating underwater. Let SERVPRO get you out of the water, and get your business back on track after a water damage.

SERVPRO Is Poised and Ready Help Everett Companies with Expert Water Removal Services to Get Businesses Back on Track

One of the many challenges after a loss in a multi-tenant office or retail building is the exposure to water damage neighboring businesses risk when a single unit has a leak, malfunction, or spill that unleashes significant amounts of water. Everett Commercial building owners and managers need to balance a wide range of competing concerns when water damage moves through shared spaces and affects more than a single tenant. 

What Are Useful Strategies When Water Damage Many Spaces and Businesses in Your Building?

It is always important to use moisture detection and metering devices when scoping a commercial water removal job in Everett. Thermal imaging cameras can also be useful to locate collected water in building cavities. When the water moves from one office suite to another, or store to store, or restaurant to restaurant, accurate tracing of the migration is critical. Lessees are not likely to be as vigilant in checking for water damage if the initial accident or emergency did not happen in their space. We can help meet your responsibility as a landlord or management company to find and mitigate and remediate any water damage spreading from the original site.

Is Finding and Removing Hidden Water Necessary?

Maybe your cleaning staff responded to the water incursion and assured you they cleaned up all the mess. Even though you suspect some of the water might have crept into spaces between walls or under a floor, a few days of running a fan or dehumidifier should take care of the problem of some leftover water, right?

What Are the Worst Things That Can Happen if Water Remains?

The trained technicians on the SERVPRO crew must respectfully disagree with the suggestion that excess water simply disappears on its own or with a little help from some ventilation. Granted, hidden caches of water in building cavities or building materials that absorbed significant moisture are not immediately noticeable. The deleterious effects of the water’s spread and lingering moisture, however, eventually become apparent. Tenants’ inventories, documents, equipment, and the walls, ceilings, and floors defining each space can all deteriorate if thorough extraction and structural drying in all affected areas do not proceed. 

Should You Worry About Mold After Commercial Water Loss?

Although the panic many feel when mold growth is proven or suspected is often an overreaction, mold proliferation can be a logical consequence of failure to track and manage moisture migration in commercial buildings accurately. Your tenants’ reputations are based in part upon clean, organized, work spaces. Customers who visit your building and the vendors who operate there can react unfavorably if mold is visible or a musty smell is present. Susceptible individuals might experience unpleasant allergic reactions or irritations to an increased volume of mold spores or the toxins they emit. Things to keep in mind when considering the likelihood of mold becoming an issue:

  • Mold spores are everywhere, in both commercial and residential buildings.
  • As long as they are kept dry, mold spores are considered benign and cause minimal problems.
  • Moisture activated spores, fueling their growth and multiplication.
  • The time frame before mold takes advantage of available moisture is tight -- 24 to 48 hours.

Can Prompt and Thorough Water Removal Inhibit Mold Growth?

Every water project SERVPRO accepts has the potential for mold growth. We look continuously for signs of mold and work swiftly to extract the liquid water and dry out the moisture that accelerates mold infestations. We also use EPS-registered disinfectants to minimize the chance of a mold rebound effect if some surfaces receive our professional remediation services. 

Why Is It Your Problem to Manage a Water Loss Caused by Negligence or Intentional Actions of a Tenant?

Even if you rigorously cared for and maintained the spaces under your control in the commercial building, the harm that occurs because of the water accidents or negligence of one or more tenants is your concern. The contracts each tenant signs usually require you as the landlord to provide a sound, dry, undamaged space within which to operate a business. One of the ways you might be able to obtain indemnification for your water removal, mitigation, and remediation expenses is through your insurance and set-offs against commercial renters policies your tenants hold. We are experienced in assisting with claim submissions, and work with you throughout the process to limit your out of pocket expenses.

Why try to sort out a complex water damage scenario alone when SERVPRO of South Everett can help with water removal, drying, and insurance claims  24/7? We offer trained, experienced, well-equipped, and available managers and technicians for consultation at (425) 367-4484.

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