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Everett Properties Need Professional Water Damage Help

5/19/2022 (Permalink)

water damage on ceiling Call SERVPRO to restore your water damaged home in Everett--we can help--24/7.

Reversing Water Damage in Everett 

There are numerous stages of restoration from water damage. When SERVPRO works on a water damaging situation, the technicians can use portable vacs and industrial pumps to quickly remove the water, which is just the beginning.

Another essential part of water cleanup in Everett properties is scoping the premises. Using advanced moisture detection equipment, technicians "see" areas of excessive moisture and take the appropriate action, whether drilling weep holes for drainage or controlled demolition to remove water-damaged sheetrock to allow for greater airflow.

Professional Water Extraction Equipment 

The type of equipment used during water loss mitigation makes a difference in the outcome. Ordinary household wet/dry vacs do not possess the suction to pull embedded water from the structure and contents. SERVPRO technicians use a combination of different kinds of water removal equipment and related attachments for specific applications, such as weighted extractor heads for pushing the water out of carpet and padding.

Complete Drying

Much like consumer equipment pales compared to industrial water extraction equipment, the same goes for household fans versus centrifugal air movers. The air movers blow with such force they cause embedded moisture to rise, where the chosen method of dehumidification captures and ports it away. Equipment specially designed to direct airflow within floor joists or wall cavities assists in eradicating moisture in hard-to-reach areas. Technicians carefully set drying goals to ensure ambient humidity levels are well below the sustainable levels for mold spore germination or spreading. SERVPRO technicians follow the IICRC Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification best practices and guidelines.

Thorough Cleaning

Water extraction and drying of the property go a long way toward halting the foul odors water leaves behind. Hand cleaning with specialized formulas such as SERVPRO's own Orange Plus kills odor-causing bacteria and has the light scent of orange. In cases where technicians find mold growth, they carefully dry and remove it. The application of an antimicrobial sealer is standard to inhibit the return of mold and the reestablishment of colonies.

SERVPRO of South Everett performs fast and effective water cleanup for any type of home disaster. Contact our emergency response team at (425) 367-4484, and they can be on-site within an hour and restore your water damaged home "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO Restores the Shine after Mold Damage Affects Your Everett Home

5/11/2022 (Permalink)

mold damaging ceiling, water damage SERVPRO repairs and remediates mold damaged Everett area homes, "Like it never even happened."

Everett Mold Remediation and Why SERVPRO

Mold infestations are problematic in many ways, but the fact is that the visual appeal, the patches, and the stains that appear on surfaces are the main concern for many Everett homeowners. A professional mold remediation team like SERVPRO can help mitigate the loss, restoring all aspects of your property to the preloss state.

Removing the structurally compromised materials

After mold damage affects your Everett property, it is likely to compromise the structural integrity of many building materials and contents. Mold is a fungus that plays a role in the natural decaying processes. When left to develop unchecked in a property, it leads to physical deterioration.

Learning that restoring some of the affected materials is impossible can be frustrating. However, even the safe removal of such materials can pose a significant challenge. Our SERVPRO technicians use their building skills to detach materials such as drywall, mold, and carpets from the building without damaging the surrounding materials. We also use containment and negative air pressure systems to keep mold debris from spreading to other areas of your home.

Refinishing Surfaces

Mold growing on semi-porous surfaces such as concrete or solid wood leaves distinct patches or stains. Cleaning and refinishing such materials can save them. The first step is scrubbing off all mold debris. Our SERVPRO technicians use techniques such as wire brushing and sanding to dislodge debris. We also damp-wipe surfaces with antimicrobial cleaning agents to stop further mold growth. We can apply mold sealants in some cases, which are paint-like substances infused with antimicrobial agents. We also restore demolished wall panels and repaint cleaned areas taking care to match the colors of repainted areas to the old ones.

Drying and Deodorizing

High levels of moisture can cause immediate recurrence of the problem. Our SERVPRO technicians use dehumidifiers and other drying equipment to bring down moisture levels if there are wet materials in the house. Deodorization is also essential, whether it is to eliminate the musty smell of mold or odor from finishing products used at the site.

Mold should not downgrade your property. Call SERVPRO of South Everett at (425) 367-4484 to help. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Everett Residents Get Back to Normal with Fire Damage Restoration

5/2/2022 (Permalink)

IICRC logo trained and certified Trained and IICRC certified SERVPRO techs can restore and build back your fire damaged Everett home.

SERVPRO Handles Everett Fire Damage with Rapid Restoration

Just as no two fire emergencies are alike, the same goes for the fire damage restoration team you hire for the task. You never want to trust anyone but the best when handling your Everett property, and SERVPRO wants you to know that we have the proven processes and trusted technicians to get the job done. Not only that, but we bring all the best equipment to each house fire cleanup to reach our goals quickly and efficiently. We work hard to make sure everything is “Like it never even happened.”

Fire restoration in Everett has many working parts. Luckily, SERVPRO has technicians trained following the IICRC (the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification) standards. This is the highest industry standard for handling restoration projects, and our fire and smoke restoration technicians (FSRT) are all up to date with the latest methods and technology.

We are here 24/7, so you have help within hours

A fire in your home is already stressful enough, so having a team ready to get started on cleaning charred debris and handling smoke odors will give you added peace of mind. SERVPRO tackles each project using most of the following:

  • Setup of air cleaning technology – With the help of air scrubbers with onboard HEPA filtration, we can capture odorous particulates throughout the fire zone.
  • Hydroxyl generators – This innovative equipment neutralizes malodors and traps them for removal so that you never have lingering reminders of the blaze.
  • Controlled demolition for reconstruction – In most fire projects, it is necessary to remove unsalvageable materials and replace them with all new materials. Some of the items we may address include flooring, subfloor, baseboards, carpets, carpet padding, drywall, fixtures, etc. – General Contractor License #SERVPES871RD

Request help online or give SERVPRO of South Everett a call at (425) 367-4484. We will mobilize our team, and you will have the Green Fleet at your door within hours to handle fire restoration.

Commercial Water Damage Restoration In Everett

4/21/2022 (Permalink)

Water Damaged Wall If you require water restoration in a large commercial building, contact SERVPRO of South Everett at (425) 367-4484.

Commercial Water Damage Restoration In Everett for Structures of Several Thousand Square Feet

Large loss sites like supermarkets can be tricky to restore because of the sheer size of the space. Most water restoration relies upon manipulating the atmosphere in a closed system- where doors and windows are closed- using temperature, humidity, and airflow. However, we understand that commercial clients are looking to find quick solutions to the apparent issues of restoring structures with thousands of square feet worth of space. Our approach relies upon human resources and equipment that is powerful enough to improve the efficiency of drying times.

There can be many underlying issues that manifest as commercial water damage in your Everett grocery store. Some may be external issues and the result of rough weather conditions. Others may result from malfunctioning plumbing or heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. There are many more that can result in your business needing assistance from professional water restoration technicians. SERVPRO has both the qualifications and equipment to successfully restore large loss sites.

To dry a structure that spans over several thousand square feet does not differ from a structure of a few hundred from a theoretical standpoint. Understanding psychrometry, the relationship between humidity, temperature, and air circulation, is crucial to performing effective drying of a structure. A team of SERVPRO technicians can remove and store any portable units or items that may affect the drying procedure on your behalf before taking accurate readings of the humidity and temperature within the structure.

Direct Expansion Units (DX) are large systems that can heat or cool the airways in large spaces. Similar to a refrigerant dehumidifier, they can draw in massive quantities of air and expel dry air into the structure. Powering these units is possible by connecting them to your internal power supply or using SERVPRO portable generators. By drying, cooling, or heating the surrounding air, SERVPRO can significantly increase drying times within a water-damaged structure.

If you require water restoration in a large commercial building, contact SERVPRO of South Everett at (425) 367-4484. 

We Act As Quick As Possible In Everett After A Flood

4/15/2022 (Permalink)

Wall without Drywall We handled the removal of the drywall in this home which also allowed the wall behind to be dried properly. Call us right away, we are available 24/7.

Mitigating Home Flood Damage in Everett

While flooding is the most common natural disaster in the United States, and all 50 states have experienced flooding of some kind every year, homeowners may be shocked by the swiftness with which a flood can penetrate a home and damage possessions and furniture. Even thoroughly prepared homeowners who work hard to minimize flooding may have extensive amounts of cleanup before their home can be returned to its normal state. 

If your Everett residence has been affected by flood damage, certified restoration technicians at SERVPRO can return your home to its pre-damaged condition. This team uses Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) standards for disaster cleanup and restoration protocols. If your home requires further repairs after a disaster has occurred, your local SERVPRO is licensed to handle any general contracting (#SERVPES871RD) you may need for your home. 

Preparing for Flooding

  • Get flood insurance. Homeowners' insurance does not come with flood loss protection, but most policies let you add a flood insurance policy. Talk to your agent about what their flood policies cover.
  • Inspect your home. Are there areas that are more eroded than others? Take additional precautions to keep these vulnerable areas free of debris. 
  • Assemble an emergency supply kit. Keep all of these supplies in a duffle bag or backpack. Make sure to include water, food, first aid, flashlights, batteries, a whistle, dust masks, tools, and an NOAA weather portable radio. Consider including cell phones with chargers and cash to procure additional rations. 
  • Move hazardous materials. Keep chemicals, fertilizers, and pesticides in waterproof containers above flood levels to prevent contamination. 
  • Research flood-proofing. You can contact Snohomish County's Planning and Development Services or FEMA for more information on flood prevention measures. 

How SERVPRO Saves the Day

After flooding occurs, the first step to restoring your home is extracting any remaining standing water and moisture. Technicians can use truck-mounted pumps or gas-powered sump pumps to remove large amounts of standing water, as well as portable, back-mounted extractors to handle moisture in wall cavities and other hard-to-reach areas. Contaminated porous materials like carpet and area rugs may require removal. 

After extraction, disinfection is a must to prevent contamination. Floodwaters contain a plethora of microbes and contaminants that can affect the safety of a flooded location. Hence, technicians use EPA-registered antimicrobials to address these concerns. After the structure has been thoroughly cleaned, technicians can use air movers and dehumidifiers to dry your home. 

SERVPRO of South Everett provides a 24/7 cleanup service that is Faster to Any Size Disaster. Call (425) 367-4484 when disaster strikes in your home.

Structure Damage That Might Exist During Everett Fire Restoration

4/7/2022 (Permalink)

Flames And Smoke Coming Out Window Don’t let your property be a victim of fire damage, SERVPRO of South Everett is only a call away.

Structure Cleaning and Repairs Are Vital Elements of Fire Restoration for Everett Homes

There is no mistaking the destructive capacities of fire disasters. As these blazes spread through a home, especially in high-heat scenarios, the reaction with sensitive building materials is substantial. While preventing structural damage might not always be possible, the response of experienced professionals can ensure we return properties to preloss conditions as quickly as possible.

Structure Scoping

We must identify the type of structural damage experienced before fire restoration in Everett homes can begin. Structural scoping is a critical phase of this discovery. Our experienced project managers and production team members work with the customer to determine pre-existing conditions and priorities of mitigation to come. We evaluate the structural integrity of exposed surfaces to choose when controlled demolition is required for the house.

Controlled Demolition

Controlled demolition is a process that seeks to remove only the heavily damaged portions of building materials. The objective here is to save money on replacement construction elements and the reinstallation time. Controlled demolition is also utilized to make the damaged areas safer for responding technicians and the house's occupants. Typically exposed surfaces include:

- Flooring

- Wall Materials

- Ceiling Drywall

Build-Back Services after Fire Restoration

One advantage of choosing our SERVPRO team for restoration and recovery is our capacity for build-back services. The general contractor license supporting our roster –General Contractor License #: SERVPES871RD– allows us to complete extensive repairs and reconstruction as necessary following destructive fires. The construction needs of your home are carefully evaluated as the restoration process continues.

Reconstruction and repairs are specific needs for homes and businesses following destructive fire disasters. Combustion is often widespread and encompasses many exposed materials like drywall, flooring, and other staples of modern construction. Give our SERVPRO of South Everett team a call now at (425) 367-4484 to help with repairs, cleanup, and build back.

We're Faster to Any Size Disaster in Mukilteo After a Water Damage Disaster

3/18/2022 (Permalink)

a flooded kitchen that is filling up from a leaking sink When a burst pipe causes water damage in your kitchen, the professionals need to be brought in. Contact our certified SERVPRO technicians 24/7.

Water Damage in Your Mukilteo Home

Dealing with a burst pipe in your kitchen may not be as simple as drying up the water with towels and mopping up the mess. Moisture can get into even the smallest of crevasses requiring professional equipment to dry the area to prevent further damage such as warping of wood baseboards or mold infestations. In cold, moist weather climates like Washington's, you need to pay careful attention to the temperature and humidity factors during the clean-up process.

If you are dealing with water damage in Mukilteo home, the trained professionals at SERVPRO can assist you in ensuring that no further damages occur. SERVPRO technicians use industrial-strength air movers and dehumidifiers for targeted drying techniques. Drying excess moisture in building materials, contents, and the air is a crucial component of the restoration process.

SERVPRO technicians create a drying goal when they first assess the damage in your home. The intention is to return the materials and air within the structure to their normal moisture content levels. They use a nonpenetrating moisture meter to take various readings around the home, determining both the approximate normal moisture level and the moisture level of the affected materials. Relative humidity (RM) in the room also needs to be brought down to levels below 60%, anything higher may foster mold growth.

Depending on the home floor plan and the severity of the water damage, SERVPRO technicians decide how to set up drying equipment. They use more air movers if more than just the floors are wet and fewer if only the floor contains excess moisture. They also consider the floorplan of your home. If several smaller rooms need to be dried, then they set up more air movers to circulate moist air to the dehumidifier so it can move dry air back to the wet areas. If it is a large open space, then the room requires fewer air movers.

Throughout the drying process, technicians may move both air movers and dehumidifiers to facilitate drying throughout the home. Periodically, technicians take and record moisture readings to determine drying progress toward the goal, carefully ensuring materials and contents are within 4% of the normal moisture content. Overdrying may create other issues such as buckling and distorting wood.

Contact SERVPRO of South Everett at (425) 367-4484 for immediate assistance 24/7. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Demolition Often Needed After Everett Commercial Flood Damage

3/11/2022 (Permalink)

a flooded office with furniture floating in the water Dealing with flooding at your business location can often feel overwhelming. Contact SERVPRO right away for water removal services.

Trust SERVPRO to Protect Your Flooded Everett Business with Effective Interventions

When large commercial spaces suffer flood damage in Everett, the need for rapid response is complicated by the vast areas covered with fluids and numerous building cavities containing trapped water. The timeline before mold growth takes hold and progressive water damage irreparably destroys building materials is quite short, measured in hours, not days and weeks. Adapting the conditions through mindful and minimally intrusive demolition in your flood-damaged business can accelerate water removal and permit warm air to reach all wet structural components, facilitating evaporation of absorbed moisture.

How Does Planned Demolition Speed Up Flood Mitigation and Remediation?

Creating access portals to confined water caches permits hands-off methods like pumping to remove substantial quantities of flood water. Cutting an opening big enough to place one or a configuration of multiple regular submersible or trash pumps and drain hoses routed to the outside allows continual extraction of flooded recesses of fluids deeper than two inches. Other common planned demolition strategies that significantly shorten extraction time, increase water evacuation efficiency, and exert control over the release of flood water include:

  • Punching weep holes in a pattern from the walls inwards or removing tiles in leaky ceilings, preventing sudden collapse
  • Cutting holes near floor level to permit draining of fluids from wall assemblies and creating access via hoses for the negative or positive pressure action of an Injectidry-type system
  • Sawing between wall studs to remove soaked and crumbling insulation and drywall and improve airflow at and above the original flood line
  • Lifting sections of hardwood flooring to reach trapped water beneath the surface and encourage warm, dry air to infiltrate, often as an accompaniment to negative air pressure floor mat drying systems

The highly qualified professionals at SERVPRO of South Everett offer a broad range of strategies to restore your business after flood damage. Contact us at (425) 367-4484 immediately to get the recovery process moving.

Odor Elimination After Fire Damage in Everett

3/6/2022 (Permalink)

a fire damaged kitchen with soot covering everything When your home is affected by a fire, you need help fast. Contact our experienced team right away for effective fire damage remediation services.

Let SERVPRO Take Over the Fire Damage Odor in Your Everette Home

A fire in your Everett home presents many different challenges. Water removal and structural drying frequently are the first tasks our professionals take on because of the large quantities of water used to quell the blaze. Then our team of Fire and Smoke Restoration Technicians (FSRT) evaluate the consistencies of the soot residues found throughout your house, matching cleaning products, tools, and techniques to remove the coatings efficiently. As the project wraps up, we turn our focus to managing malodors.

First Deodorization Steps

Lingering odors are a common issue after Everett fire damage mitigation and remediation. Unpleasant smells waft through the air and infiltrate structural components and contents. Burned items, including the tiny particles of soot, tiny bits of materials and possessions not entirely combusted by the fire, carry the stench as long as they are inside your home. 

SERVPRO’s initial attempts to eliminate odors include removing burned items and deep cleaning. Our air scrubbing equipment uses negative pressure to force and trap floating soot contamination through HEPA filters before exhausting to the outdoors. We also collect, bag, and dispose of irreparably burned items to rid your home of toxins and smells. Removal of soot residues from surfaces also reduces odor.

HVAC System Cleaning for Odor Control

If your heating and cooling system operated during the fire, smoke and soot likely entered the ductwork and took advantage of the opportunity to drift to other spaces in your home. Shutting off the system and switching out filters helps mitigate the spread of odor-bearing particles. If significant quantities of soot invaded the ducts SERVPRO’s NADCA-trained HVAC cleaning technicians need to complete a thorough cleaning.

Innovative Odor Eliminating Equipment

Some persistent odors resist mechanical removal attempts. Before you turn to conventional air fresheners or cover-ups, consider the advanced technology SERVPRO offers. We use thermal foggers to recreate the conditions of the fire, using heat to combust chemical deodorants. The minute bits of deodorant combine with the odor bearing particles to eliminate the smell. Hydroxyl generators neutralize odor molecules and gasses, breaking down chemical bonds. 

Give the highly-qualified technicians of SERVPRO of South Everett a chance to eliminate the noxious odors that linger long after all visible fire damage is cleared. Schedule an assessment by calling (425) 367-4484 24/7.

Fire Damage Restoration in Everett Involves Removing Odors

2/18/2022 (Permalink)

a fire damaged living room with debris and soot everywhere Quick action is needed when facing the scenario after a fire. Contact SERVPRO for certified technicians and equipment required for the job.

SERVPRO Can Provide a Variety of Techniques to Conduct House Fire Cleanups in Everett

When most people think of structural blazes, they think about severely torched houses. However, several insurance claims filed each year involve less severe fires. Burning something while cooking or having a small electrical fire can cause issues with your contents and building materials. The majority of the problems with smaller blazes are caused by the smoke coming from burnt materials. Smoke can create soot residues and foul odors to exist. 

Fire damage restoration in Everett often includes structural deodorization efforts. In light smoke damage scenarios, only small areas get affected. There might not be any structural damage in these situations, but there are light smoke residues in the affected area. 

To begin the deodorization process, we start with removing the source of burnt odors, such as over-cooked food. Next, we can ventilate the area affected by the foul aromas. Then, we can use a wall and all surface cleaner to clean all of the surfaces that contain soot residues. We can then set up box fans to ventilate the area and see if your contents and building materials still smell burnt. 

If unpleasant smells still exist, we can control the unpleasant fragrance vapors by applying instant odor counteractant beads or pellets to your floors. If there are sections of your home that still smell like charred materials, then we can set up a thermal fogger that breaks down deodorizers into microscopic particles. 

In the cases where you do have a severe structural blaze, our SERVPRO technicians can provide other services such as:

  • Smoke Remediation
  • House Fire Cleanups
  • Fire Damage Repairs
  • Water & Fire Damage Restorations
  • Fire Debris Removal

If your home ever suffers from a fire, whether big or small, call SERVPRO of South Everett at (425) 367-4484.